Stunning Beaches of Anguilla


Stunning Beaches of Anguilla

Anguilla has about 30 stunning white coral beaches. There are a number of excellent resorts and hotels on the seashore.

During your stay you should not miss out on Shoal Bay East and the Rendezvous Bay, simply because these are two of the most stunning beaches in the Caribbean.

At Shoal Bay you can enjoy lots of live music. Shoal Bay East is a very popular beach for snorkeling because of its clear waters and coral reef. There are plenty of bars but they do not detract from the attractiveness of the beach.

Rendezvous Bay water is relatively calm. There is a small coral rock at the eastern end of the bay, a great place for snorkeling. You will also find Bankie Dune Preserve.

Katouche Bay is ideal for hiking. Trails lead through the rain forest of Anguilla to Iguana Cave. The water here has a strong undertow, so swimming is not recommended

You can check out the hidden spots between the Anguilla beaches like the Mimi Bay which is known as the romantic seashore. It is an isolated beach which has outstanding views of St. Barts and St. Martin. Swimming is not advisable but you can find stunning seashells or enjoy a hike.

From the long Road Bay beach you can see many luxury yachts and super yachts sailing along in the ocean. This beach has lots of eating places and bars and is the center of the island's night life.

Although Captains Bay is not a swimming beach, due to the strong under-current, it is private and deserted and lined with coral cliffs creating a beautiful sight. Captains Bay is ideal for hiking and picnicking.

The calm waters of Island Harbour are frequently filled with seaweed, therfore not ideal for swimming. The local fishermen can be seen rowing out to sea in their home-made boats.

Prickley Pear Cay is a small cay which is a popular yacht charter destination and gives the impression of an untouched deserted island.

Maunday's Bay with sparkling blue waters is excellent for swimming in the sheltered bay. It can be reached by water or by way of the Cap Juluca Resort, which has 3 eating places.

Cove Bay is on the south coast of Anguilla with sand dunes lining the seashore and the water is excellent for swimming. There are stunning views of Saba and St. Martin islands.

Blowing Point is Anguilla's ferry port so may be somewhat crowded but to the west of the ferry port there are areas that are wonderful for picnics and swimming.

Shoal Bay West is a popular sunbathing beach with calm waters, soft sand and amazing views of Anguillita Island, St. Martin and Saba.

Sandy Hill Bay a protected bay and is favored by many of the locals. The calm water makes it ideal for snorkeling.

Snorkeling in Anguilla

Although the water is rather shallow at Forest Bay beach, swimming is possible off shore and snorkeling is excellent, particularly at the large coral formation.

Barnes Bay is advisable only for strong swimmers. However, the distinctive rock formations and stunning views make this beach worth a visit.

Savannah Bay is a crescent-shaped beach with sand dunes. It is a wonderful area to collect seashells and to go snorkeling.

The secluded beach at Limestone Bay is not advisable for snorkeling or swimming, for inexperienced swimmers, as there is a strong| current in the waters. The iguanas and sea turtles of Anguilla come here to nest.

Little Harbour is ideal for water activities and swimming with lush greenery surrounding the sandy seashore and magnificent views of St. Barts and St. Martin.

Little Bay is a small beach which is best reachable by boat. Because of the tall cliffs the beach is hidden away. The coral reef is abundant with marine life making it a superb spot for snorkeling and since the reef protects the water from rough waves it makes it enjoyable for swimming.

Best approached by the water, Elsie Bay has coral formations close to the shore and calm waters providing an exceptional opportunity for skilled snorkelers.

Windward Point is ideal for exploring. It is rocky and quite desolate so it is not advisable to go there by yourself.

With majestic cliffs and shallow water Crocus Bay is fantastic for snorkeling, with the waters filled with brightly colored coral and fish. Star fish and fossils of sea animals can be found at the west of the bay.

Long Bay is a gorgeous beach that is relatively quiet. Close by is Oliver's restaurant which overlooks the seashore.

The popular Meads Bay beach is ideal for swimming or sunbathing. The Malliouhana Spa and a number of restaurants are nearby.

In Anguilla there are extremely good recreational diving spots and you can discover the lovely coral reefs. If you are looking for relaxation, just stroll around leisurely and listen to the sound of the waves whilst enjoying the magnificent sunset from the shores of these beaches.


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